Privacy Screen Protection for Lenovo

  • Limited viewing angle of +/- 30 ° limits the field of vision
  •  Low reflective coating reduces glare
  • Touch and stylus compatible
  • Bubble-free, easy installation
  • Where required, safety feature for in-vehicle applications where it is critical to remove distractions from the driver.
PDF Specification


Tab M8 Tablet (Portrait Mode)

Part Number: INF-PF-LEN-M8-PORT

List Price: $44.99

Tab M8 Tablet (Landscape Mode)

Part Number: INF-PF-LEN-M8-LAND 

List Price: $44.99

K10 Note Smartphone (Portrait Mode)

Part Number: INF-PF-LEN-K10-PORT

List Price: $49.99

K10 Note Smartphone (Landscape Mode)

Part Number: INF-PF-LEN-K10-LAND

List Price: $49.99

X1 Yoga Gen 8, 7, 6

Part Number: INF-PF-LEN-X1YOGAG6

List Price: $59.99

Materials: PET and acrylic

Warranty: One Year Limited. For details, click HERE.