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Since 1992, we've had the privilege of interacting with K-12 1:1 technology OEMs and other thought leaders. Also, by working hand in hand over the years with schools and students, we're proud to be an integral part of the education technology evolution.

We compiled this resource center from across the 1:1 implementation spectrum. These tools are free to use. By coaching and teaching each other, this center will continue to grow as a vital K-12 1:1 industry resource. If you have materials or nuggets of wisdom to share with the education community, please let us know!

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K-12 Village

K-12 Village

Since 1992, InfoCase has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of cases for mobile devices in K-12. Our mission is to reduce the disruptive impact of device damage so the academic process can evolve.
We accomplish our mission by crafting innovative, solution-oriented products that exceed the expectations of our clients. Our experience in hundreds of schools has taught us that we must listen to what schools need and evolve our products and relationships to best serve K-12. Accordingly, we are proud to be a part of this comprehensive collection of K-12 subject matter experts in our respective fields.

Meet our Partners

Educational Collaborators is a national consulting organization comprised of many of the best practitioners in the field of education. Our collaborators are highly sought for their expertise and experience and lead some of the strongest technology programs in the country. Unlike most consultants who rarely see their ideas beyond the planning stages, our collaborators work in schools today and see their ideas through to their fullest extent. As a result, they see the unanticipated and have daily experience working through the associated challenges.

Learn21 is a nonprofit agency who provides cost-effective instructional technology support, services, and solutions to member educational organizations. One2One Manager delivers schools with a single integrated tool to track assets, student assignments, and device breakage. But One2One Manager goes beyond simply tracking devices by providing districts with reporting, student behavior statistics, all built around One2One best practices.

Dr. Sonny Magana is a Cyber Learning pioneer. His latest book, Disruptive Classroom Technologies, introduced the T3 Framework for Innovation to wide international acclaim. The research-driven strategies in the T3 Framework were shown to reliably double student learning and achievement. Magana’s cyber learning strategies have been implemented successfully in online, hybrid, and face-to-face learning environments. Dr. Magana’s findings were recently peer-reviewed and inducted into the Oxford University Research Encyclopedia for Education, a prestigious global clearinghouse for breakthrough practices. Magana Education is fast becoming the leading provider of innovative professional development, leadership coaching, and strategic planning focused on implementing highly reliable educational reform.

Whether a school is deploying 5 or 100,000+ mobile devices, LocknCharge offers products and support to integrate mobile technology seamlessly into classroom workflow. Our products are designed to efficiently charge, store, secure, manage or even sanitize mobile devices. LocknCharge can help facilitate a zero-touch model for deploying and maintaining mobile devices for students and faculty, ensuring continual access to a ready-to-go device used for remote learning during these uncertain times. Simplifying device deployment and management allows teachers to focus on teaching, students to focus on learning and IT Teams to focus on the next big technology initiative.

Having pioneered the technology insurance industry in 1982, Safeware is one of the most recognized names in product protection. Safeware’s innovative approach to insurance and extended warranty solutions has propelled the company into multiple industries including K-12, Higher Education, Enterprise Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality, and more. By helping partners to customize coverage based on their unique needs, Safeware provides best-in-class programs allowing customers to own their products with confidence.

Planning and Implementation Tools

Texas School Technology Plan

This is an example of a state technology plan certification. It serves as a good source for understanding the structure and components that schools and governmental agencies look for when starting a 1:1 initiative. Within this document are examples of a high level needs assessment, goals, strategies and budget. In addition, it acts as a school board project plan report.

— Texas Education Agency - Technology Plan

Texas School Technology Plan Approval

​​Houston Independent School District Parent Presentation

HISD uses a presentation aimed at parents. This PowerPoint can be customized to the school and serves as reinforcement for acceptable use. — HISD PowerUp 1:1 Program - Parent Presentation

HISD Parent Presentation

​​Klein ISD Student Handbook

Klein has put together a comprehensive student handbook. One of the unique aspects of their documentation is that it covers usage of tablet convertible PCs. — Klein ISD - Student Handbook

Klein Student Handbook

Student Pilot AUP

This document was developed to acknowledge appropriate usage for small pilot programs. It also sets the parameters for assessing the protective case. — InfoCase, Inc. - Student Pilot Assessment

Download Word Version
Download PDF Version

Houston Independent School District AUP

HISD has chosen to present their AUP in a rather abbreviated format. The signature agreement is separate, part of their other student forms. — HISD PowerUp 1:1 Program - AUP


Care for your Chromebook - Handout Flyer

This is the big day - students are receiving their computers. In those first moments of excitement, caution may be thrown to the wind.

This handy student handout is 8 1/2 x 11". Perfect for printing physical copies, distribution with the computers and cases, via email, or as a download on the school website. — InfoCase Knowledge Center - Flyer

Do and Don't Care - Handout Flyer

Do and Don't Care - Poster

For ongoing reminders, this 2' x 3' poster can be printed at any print shop, store or website that does wide format printing.

Similar to the handout, placement of this poster reinforces the message of how to care for your technology.

We recommend printing several - and occasionally moving the location in order to keep the message in mind. — InfoCase Knowledge Center - Poster

Do and Don't Care - Poster
Installation Media

Installation Media

The unique level of protection our cases offer are due in part to unique safety features. Proper installation of machines in our cases provides maximum protection.The following are installation guides for some of our most popular products.

As with all technology oriented tools, we cannot stress enough that reading the guide should be mandatory prior to installation!

If you need more installation assistance or have additional questions, please call our main office at 800-248-4844.

Chromebooks / Laptops

Traditional Always-On

HP G8EE Snap-On Case

Acer R721T Snap-On Case

Acer Spin 11 Snap-On Case

Lenovo 300e Snap-On Case

Dell 3189, 3190, 5190 Snap-On Case

iPads / Tablets

Shockwave Snap-On Case

Tempered Glass Screen Protection

Student Orientation Video

This is a terrific Classmate Case orientation sent to us by Community Consolidated School District 21. Using multimedia has made it easier to share Classmate Case how-to's with their students.

— Sudent Orientation - CCSD 21, Wheelling, IL

Teacher Installation Video

As a companion video to the student Classmate Case install guide, Community Consolidated School District 21 has created a teacher installation guide for Classmate Cases.

By reinforcing correct use, we maximize students' teachable moments.

— Installation guide for teachers - CCSD 21,Wheelling, IL

Case Studies and Quotes

Case Studies and Testimonials

East Allen County Schools Case Study PDF
Houston Independent School District Case Study PDF

Manistee Area Public Schools

At this point in the year I tend to look at a lot of numbers and crunch stats to try and inform our purchasing decisions for next year. Through this process I can into something that I thought was pretty shocking and figured you would be interested in.

We have two different styles of iPad cases in our district's 1:1 program. We have approximately 350 InfoCase Fieldmate iPad cases in the hands of 1st, 2nd and 5th grade students. We have approximately 120 Gumdrop Rugged cases in the hands of our 6th grade students. We have seen just under a 3% screen breakage rate for the iPads in the Fieldmate cases, but just over a 13% screen breakage rate in the Gumdrop cases. Another way of looking at is that 2/3rds of the screen breaks we have had this year have come from less than a quarter of our students (who have the Gumdrop cases).

The students and staff have loved the iPad Fieldmate case and obviously the stats indicate that they are really impressive at protecting iPads compared to the Gumdrops. I am going to be putting together numbers soon for what we will be looking to purchase next year but I am definitely going to recommend we go with InfoCase for both our iPads and Macs.

Thanks for putting out an awesome product!

Ken Blakey-Shell
District Technology Director
Manistee Area Public Schools
Manistee, MI
Recognized by Apple as a distinguished school for
innovation, leadership, and educational excellence

— Manistee Area Public Schools, Manistee, MI

Klein Independent School District

Located just outside of Houston, Texas, Klein ISD is a rapid growth district with over 41,000 students, 4500 employees on 35 campuses. Klein ISD's mission is to embrace the future and provide engaging learning experiences and resources in a safe and nurturing environment. To that end, the technology team at Klein has the primary goal of transforming teaching and learning through technology and to assure that all students have access to 21st century resources, as well as teachers who are prepared and skilled to use technology effectively to assure the academic success of all students.

Klein's goal was to provide tablet devices at Krimmel Intermediate School for 6-8 graders. As the team at Klein researched similar programs throughout the country, they became concerned about the high probability of damage to their computers without a protective case.
Nationwide, annual damage rates were typically 30-35%. This resulted in not only increased costs to districts in repair, but also more "soft" costs in downtime and potential data loss. Armed with this information, the team at Klein began investigating various alternatives which would reduce such occurrences at Krimmel.
The goal would be to not only effectively reduce damage costs and improve the districts Total Cost of Ownership, but also work to keep machines in the hands of the students for round the clock learning.

After careful consideration, Klein chose an InfoCase Protective Sleeve to protect their tablet PCs.
The lightweight sleeve design is engineered to resist compression and the molded foam shell protects machines. When placed in a student's backpack of choice it is protected from impact and damage caused by pressure from textbooks and other items.

The data compiled by Klein midway through the Academic year showed that out of 1300 units, only 30 were damaged. This equates to a damage rate of only 2.3%! Annualized over a year's time, this would translate to a total of 60 machines, or 4.6%, much lower than the 30-35% national average.

— Klein Independent School District, Texas, TX

Daviess County Public Schools

Daviess County Public Schools (DCPS), located in western Kentucky, boasts a proud history of academic excellence. CTBS norm referenced tests indicate that they're above the national average in every subject, at every grade level and in every school. ACT results exceeded state and national averages. However, there remained one caveat - the high school results, though impressive, were not improving and were actually declining relative to the other grade levels.

In an effort to raise the high school scores to par with the rest of the district, the eLearning initiative was proposed. The three phase initiative aimed at increasing student engagement planned to place a laptop in the hands of every student.

Protecting 1,800 laptops is a daunting challenge. Initially, DCPS chose to use a neoprene sleeve. Regardless of who helped offset the financial burden caused by the damages, the academic process was suffering.
These results were less than acceptable and led DCPS to search for an alternative laptop case to protect and ensure the safety of their investment.

DCPS switched to an InfoCase Always-On case. Students are allowed full machine functionality without ever removing it from the case.

2005-06 damage rates without InfoCase:

  • Cracked Extended Batteries: 74% cracked
  • Broken Keyboards: 12% broke
  • Cracked Screens: 18% cracked

2011- Jan 2012 damage rates with InfoCase solution:

  • Cracked Extended Batteries: <1% (99.9% reduction)
  • Broken Keyboards: 6.1% (49.1% reduction)
  • Cracked Screens: 9.6 % (46.6% reduction)


— Daviess County Public Schools, Owensboro, KY

School Testimonials

“We were looking for a Chromebook case that would last us five years. A teacher from another district spoke highly of InfoCase, which intrigued me so I decided to check them out. In the fall of 2014 we gave out 600 of the Always-On case from InfoCase and we’ve gotten two and a half years of solid use out of them so far.

What impresses me the most is that InfoCase backs their product. Danielle, our sales rep, has no questions asked when I come to her with a problem. InfoCase takes care of us. Overall, we’ve been very, very happy with the case, and I will definitely be an advocate for InfoCase.”

— Cindy Kochheiser, Clear Fork Valley Local School District

"We purchased 200 of the InfoCase sleeve primarily because it reduces laptop compression when placed into student backpacks. This is a critical aspect for our student laptop program because we want the laptop to be one more tool they carry in their book bags. We've been very happy with this case and believe it has already prevented many potential breaks."

— Howard Levin, Director of Technology, The Urban School, San Francisco, CA

"Due to the ever increasing enrollment rate at Klein ISD, high damage rates incurred by our 1:1 laptop program can impose a tremendous and possibly insurmountable cost to the district. The InfoCase solution has been a great tool to help keep our machines out of the shop and with our students."

— Karen Fuller, Director of Technology, Klein ISD, Klein, TX

We have been using InfoCase cases and sleeves since 2007 and we haven’t found any computer protection that is as durable on the market.

Kids are rough and machines without cases look like they have gone through a war zone. Always-On cases keep our computers looking good and we have more retired machines going into our loaner pool than ever. Using sleeves and cases has nipped so many repairs in the bud; we started giving detentions to any student caught without their case on their computer.

Sally Garza
Upper School Technology Director
Lawrence School, Upper School Campus 
Sagamore Hills, OH

— Lawrence School, Upper School Campus, Sagamore Hills, OH

"We were looking for a carrying case that would be more impact and pressure resistant than the model we had been using. The MacBook case had the durability that we were looking for, and InfoCase was very responsive in adding some additional design features we felt were essential (shoulder strap loops, full flap to keep the Pacific Northwest rain out, and a pocket for ID cards). Our rate of damage to screens and casing as a result of impact is noticeably lower than it was last year. The cases themselves are holding up quite well after 3 months, despite being crammed into backpacks and being opened and closed many times each day. We are pleased with our decision to go with the MacBook case."

— Jim Golubich, Director of Instructional Technology, Shoreline School District Shoreline, WA

It would be hard to find a tougher environment for a laptop than a 1:1 school program. InfoCase solutions have been a key factor in protecting our laptops, thus keeping our damage costs low and our machines with our students for round the clock learning.”

— Lori Gracey, Bastrop ISD, Bastrop, TX

We went to a 1:1 grades 7-12 which was 1,800 MacBook Air computers. I feel that the case we bought saved us at least 5% on LCD breaks. We had no damage because of a dropped computer.

— Terry Morrow, Director of Technology, Seaman USDF 345

InfoCase received the following email from the Computer Operations Manager at Daviess County Public Schools

“I got a call yesterday morning from a nice lady in Indiana that said her husband had found a laptop on I-64 around Exit 79. Upon inspection they figured out it belonged to Daviess County Schools so they called me. I got the information and made arrangements to pick it up the next morning. I then looked up the student's information and passed it to Brian since the laptop belonged to a DCHS student.

Later Brian explained that this laptop was in the overhead carrier on their school van. During a drive back from a golf tournament last weekend, the carrier came open and the laptop fell off the van AT HIGHWAY SPEEDS. They went back as quickly as they could to look for the laptop but it was nowhere to be found. This must be where Mr. Laswell comes in, he's driving down I-64 headed home when he sees a big black bag in the road. He pulls over and finds our laptop. And, that's as they say, is the rest of the story. Laptop recovered, undamaged!”

“I think we gain some valuable lessons from this.

  • First, laptops don't go in carriers :-)
  • Second, Our laptops are incredibly well built.
  • Third, Our cases are worth the investment.
  • Fourth, There are still nice honest people in the world.”

— Daviess County Real Life Impact Incident

"This year we have switched to the ClassMate case by InfoCase and have really been happy with it. This is one of the "Always-On" cases. The laptop always stays securely inside the case which gives the laptop added protection. Empty bags are no longer cluttering the classrooms and class time is saved since the girls don't have to unpack and repack their laptops. The cases are also very compact so the girls think the laptops seem smaller. At first the students thought they were really geeky but now prefer them for the above reasons."

— Cindy S., Girls Preparatory School

"We have been loyal customers now for 5+ years because of the high quality of your product and the prompt professional service you offer. During those five years we have realized many benefits that come with an InfoCase designed product including laptop protection and peace of mind. We love them and we are firmly committed to your product!"

— Karen D., Harpeth Hall, Nashville, TN

A successful laptop program depends on keeping laptops in the hands of students rather than in the repair shop. The InfoCase team listened to our repair history and provided a case that addressed our problems. They continually responded to feedback and adjust their products to meet our needs.”

— Susan Smith, Daviess County Public Schools, Daviess County, KY

"You hit a home run. Everyone loves the laptop cases. Thank you for getting them to us on time, and thanks also for the fantastic quality of the product."

— Chris Hamady, Technology Coordinator, Toledo Central Catholic High School, Toledo, OH

Parent Testimonials

"...My son was taking the stairs between floors a few weeks ago at school. He bent over to tie a loose shoelace and the strap slipped off of his shoulder and his laptop fell down the stairwell to the 1st floor below. Kabang!! He quickly ran down the stairs to the 1st floor, picked up the laptop in its case, opened it to survey the damage. NOT A SCRATCH!! ...there was no damage to the PC, internally or externally...I am so amazed by this product I bought one for MY laptop. "

— Parent of an Archbishop Moeller High School student, Cincinnati, OH

"I can't thank you both enough for resolving our family's computer case situation!  We received the Always-On computer case and it fits my son's computer beautifully! Thank you Korry at CompuWave for making the connection back to InfoCase, and thank you Barry for your quick problem solving and getting the right size case mailed out to us so quickly.  We appreciate the professional manner in which this exchange transaction was handled, and will recommend you both to our colleagues here in Clovis Unified."

— Brian and Laurie Hunter, Clovis Unified School District, Fresno, CA

Corporate Testimonials

They threw the convertible tablet PC with our case on it off the ROOF!

At first I thought they were kidding, but they were COMPLETELY SERIOUS! Then, they dropped it down an internal set of concrete stairs with steel stair rails. Mind you, we do not condone nor encourage this type of activity. But, the REALLY GOOD news is.....the machine worked fine afterwards! When asked their assessment of the combination of our case and the machine, the responses given by the IT staff were, 'Friggen Amazing', 'Totally Unbelievable', 'Tough As Nails', 'We're Convinced'!

— OEM Sales Rep, Arkansas

"[I] wanted to thank you for a wonderful job on the laptop cases that you made for our ThinkPads. We did not have one case that was damaged or not [made] correctly ... Several people commented on how neat they were and how convenient the style made accessing the things they needed."

— Delores O., Brown & Williamson, Macon, GA

Press Coverage

Planning for Technology Sustainability with COVID-19 Relief Funds

On the upside, there is now a lot of federal relief coming to school districts by way of the American Rescue Plan. For the first (and maybe last) time, there could possibly be a surplus in funding for district technology programs.

iPadpaloozaIN 2015

RTV Channel 6 provided news coverage from iPadpaloozaIN in Indianapolis. The on-location reporter and several teachers are using the Fieldmate Always-On iPad Air2 case. — RTV Channel 6 iPadpaloozaIN coverage

RTV Channel 6 provided news coverage from iPadpaloozaIN in Indianapolis. The on-location reporter and several teachers are using the Fieldmate Always-On iPad Air2 case. — RTV Channel 6 iPadpaloozaIN coverage

National School Board Association

The Kent School District is internationally recognized for its innovative use of technology to enhance student learning. As a result, the District has been selected as one of three National School Boards Association Technology Site Visit districts for 2015. This video features how Kent School District explores the power of new technology to deliver dynamic learning tools to 41 schools and over 27,000 students. — Kent ISD - NSBA Site 2015 Coverage

Chromebooks take Appleton high schools by storm

Congratulations to Appleton High Schools for the news coverage on their 1:1 launch - October 4, 2014 Postcrescent.com — Appleton 1:1 Program Video Coverage

In The News

Examiner: GRIER: HISD ‘Power(s)Up’ to create anytime-anywhere learning - January 22, 2014 - 

Education Week: Houston Launches Ambitious 1-to-1 Computing Initiative - January 23, 2014

Diane Ravitch Blog: Houston Learned from Los Angeles What NOT to Do with Technology - January 28, 2014 - 

— HISD PowerUp 1:1