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Mil Spec Protection - iPad Always-On Case

One of our customers decided to crash test our protective technology solutions - after all, they are responsible for picking out the Always-On case that will protect their expensive, breakable iPad tablets from rough and tumble kids.

Plus sometimes, a picture is worth... er, a video is worth... well you know!

Submitted for your approval is a video one of our clients sent us of their 'field test' of the iPad Always-On case...

*MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6, Procedure IV (Rated for a 4' drop!)

Daring Drop Test!

Ottawa USD is at it again! During their 1:1 implementation with the middle school parents, the District Technology Director decided to show just how tough our Mil-Spec rated Always-On cases are.

Watch until the very end of the video to see what the results were!

The proof is with our customers!

Below is a video sent to us from one of our schools drop testing the Classmate Chromebook case. Their IT team is responsible for making sure the kids keep their computers in the best shape they can after all.

Make sure your sound is on for the big wow at the end!

Pretty neat, huh?

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