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For nearly 25 years, we've had the privilege of interacting with K-12 1:1 technology OEMs and other thought leaders. Also, by working hand in hand over the years with schools and students, we're proud to be an integral part of the education technology evolution.

We compiled this resource center from across the 1:1 implementation spectrum. These tools are free to use. By coaching and teaching each other, this center will continue to grow as a vital K-12 1:1 industry resource. If you have materials or nuggets of wisdom to share with the education community, please let us know!

— East Allen County Schools

— Houston Independent School District

Manistee Area Public Schools

At this point in the year I tend to look at a lot of numbers and crunch stats to try and inform our purchasing decisions for next year. Through this process I can into something that I thought was pretty shocking and figured you would be interested in.

We have two different styles of iPad cases in our district's 1:1 program. We have approximately 350 InfoCase Fieldmate iPad cases in the hands of 1st, 2nd and 5th grade students. We have approximately 120 Gumdrop Rugged cases in the hands of our 6th grade students. We have seen just under a 3% screen breakage rate for the iPads in the Fieldmate cases, but just over a 13% screen breakage rate in the Gumdrop cases. Another way of looking at is that 2/3rds of the screen breaks we have had this year have come from less than a quarter of our students (who have the Gumdrop cases).

The students and staff have loved the iPad Fieldmate case and obviously the stats indicate that they are really impressive at protecting iPads compared to the Gumdrops. I am going to be putting together numbers soon for what we will be looking to purchase next year but I am definitely going to recommend we go with InfoCase for both our iPads and Macs.

Thanks for putting out an awesome product!

Ken Blakey-Shell
District Technology Director
Manistee Area Public Schools
Manistee, MI
Recognized by Apple as a distinguished school for
innovation, leadership, and educational excellence

— Manistee Area Public Schools, Manistee, MI

Klein Independent School District, Texas, TX

Klein Independent School District

Located just outside of Houston, Texas, Klein ISD is a rapid growth district with over 41,000 students, 4500 employees on 35 campuses. Klein ISD's mission is to embrace the future and provide engaging learning experiences and resources in a safe and nurturing environment. To that end, the technology team at Klein has the primary goal of transforming teaching and learning through technology and to assure that all students have access to 21st century resources, as well as teachers who are prepared and skilled to use technology effectively to assure the academic success of all students.

Klein's goal was to provide tablet devices at Krimmel Intermediate School for 6-8 graders. As the team at Klein researched similar programs throughout the country, they became concerned about the high probability of damage to their computers without a protective case.
Nationwide, annual damage rates were typically 30-35%. This resulted in not only increased costs to districts in repair, but also more "soft" costs in downtime and potential data loss. Armed with this information, the team at Klein began investigating various alternatives which would reduce such occurrences at Krimmel.
The goal would be to not only effectively reduce damage costs and improve the districts Total Cost of Ownership, but also work to keep machines in the hands of the students for round the clock learning.

After careful consideration, Klein chose an InfoCase Protective Sleeve to protect their tablet PCs.
The lightweight sleeve design is engineered to resist compression and the molded foam shell protects machines. When placed in a student's backpack of choice it is protected from impact and damage caused by pressure from textbooks and other items.

The data compiled by Klein midway through the Academic year showed that out of 1300 units, only 30 were damaged. This equates to a damage rate of only 2.3%! Annualized over a year's time, this would translate to a total of 60 machines, or 4.6%, much lower than the 30-35% national average.

— Klein Independent School District, Texas, TX

Daviess County Public Schools, Owensboro, KY

Daviess County Public Schools

Daviess County Public Schools (DCPS), located in western Kentucky, boasts a proud history of academic excellence. CTBS norm referenced tests indicate that they're above the national average in every subject, at every grade level and in every school. ACT results exceeded state and national averages. However, there remained one caveat - the high school results, though impressive, were not improving and were actually declining relative to the other grade levels.

In an effort to raise the high school scores to par with the rest of the district, the eLearning initiative was proposed. The three phase initiative aimed at increasing student engagement planned to place a laptop in the hands of every student.

Protecting 1,800 laptops is a daunting challenge. Initially, DCPS chose to use a neoprene sleeve. Regardless of who helped offset the financial burden caused by the damages, the academic process was suffering.
These results were less than acceptable and led DCPS to search for an alternative laptop case to protect and ensure the safety of their investment.

DCPS switched to an InfoCase Always-On case. Students are allowed full machine functionality without ever removing it from the case.

2005-06 damage rates without InfoCase:

  • Cracked Extended Batteries: 74% cracked
  • Broken Keyboards: 12% broke
  • Cracked Screens: 18% cracked

2011- Jan 2012 damage rates with InfoCase solution:

  • Cracked Extended Batteries: <1% (99.9% reduction)
  • Broken Keyboards: 6.1% (49.1% reduction)
  • Cracked Screens: 9.6 % (46.6% reduction)


— Daviess County Public Schools, Owensboro, KY