K-12 Resource Center

For nearly 25 years, we've had the privilege of interacting with K-12 1:1 technology OEMs and other thought leaders. Also, by working hand in hand over the years with schools and students, we're proud to be an integral part of the education technology evolution.

We compiled this resource center from across the 1:1 implementation spectrum. These tools are free to use. By coaching and teaching each other, this center will continue to grow as a vital K-12 1:1 industry resource. If you have materials or nuggets of wisdom to share with the education community, please let us know!

Do and Don't Care - Handout Flyer

Case and Computer Care

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This is the big day - students are receiving their computers.

In those first moments of excitement, caution may be thrown to the wind.

This handy student handout is 8 1/2 x 11". Perfect for printing physical copies, distribution with the computers and cases, via email, or as a download on the school website.


— InfoCase Knowledge Center - Flyer

Do and Don't Care - Poster

Case and Computer Care Banner

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For ongoing reminders, this 2' x 3' poster can be printed at any print shop, store or website that does wide format printing.

Similar to the handout, placement of this poster reinforces the message of how to care for your technology.

We recommend printing several - and occasionally moving the location in order to keep the message in mind.

— InfoCase Knowledge Center - Poster