Breakaway Shoulder Strap

This Breakaway Shoulder Strap is designed for user safety. The Breakaway Shoulder Strap contains all of our best shoulder strap qualities while keeping the user safe. Either end will detach when exposed to excessive force, allowing the user to escape unharmed in the case of an emergency. The Breakaway Shoulder Strap is convenient and ergonomic, as well as, well-made from nylon and metal hooks, and Velcro to aide in the breakaway feature. The Breakaway Shoulder Strap can hold up to 35 pounds and will only breakaway when excessive force is applied quickly.

Part Number: SS-BWAY

Zebra Part Number: TBD

List Price: $19.00

Materials: Nylon, Velcro

Weight(lbs): 0.2

Dimensions: 2" x 56" x 0.50"

Warranty: One Year Limited.

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