Mobile Point of Sale Integration Bundle – iPad 10.2″

The iPad 10.2" and Mobile Point of Sale (mobile POS or mPOS) Integration Case is the perfect for businesses mobilizing their customer engagement and conversion points. The integration case provides an intuitive and secure way to attach and detach an mPOS to the iPad 10.2". Designed with two hand straps and an included shoulder strap, this solution provides a hands-free carry experience along with comfortable hand straps for left or right-handed users. The iPad 10.2" case is also designed with a magnetic interface for easy docking to the optional desktop stand.

Additional Features:

  • Configurations available for Ingenico Link 2500 and Moby 8500
  • mPOS case securely attached to iPad case
  • Push-button release for mPOS case
  • Magnetic interface is easy to dock onto optional desktop stand
  • Dual hand-straps with cushion
  • Includes breakaway shoulder strap
  • Alternate point of sale devices can be supported

iPad 10.2" Case with Link 2500

Part Number: INF-POSBNDL-PAD102-L2500

List Price: $99.00

iPad 10.2" Case with Moby 8500

Part Number: INF-POSBNDL-PAD102-M8500

List Price: $99.00

Materials: Polycarbonate, TPU

Warranty: One Year Limited

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