Tempered Glass Screen Protection

We know your device screen is tough, but it is not indestructible. Avoid downtime, mitigate display replacement and extend the life of your technology investment by adding a stealth layer of display protection. Additional Features:

  • 9H hardness protects the display glass from scratching.
  • Multi-layer construction provides high impact resistance.
  • High light transmittance and superior optical clarity makes the protector nearly unnoticeable.
  • Quick and easy, bubble-free installation.
  • Oleophobic coating is resistant to smudge and fingerprint.
  • Touch and stylus compatible.
  • Optional anti-microbial and blue light blocking feature available.

Acer Chromebook C734/T

Part Number: INF-SG-ACR-C734T

List Price: $29.95

Acer Chromebook R721T

Part Number: INF-SG-ACR-R721T

List Price: $29.99

Acer Chromebook R752T/TN

Part Number: INF-SG-ACR-R752

List Price: $29.99

Acer Chromebook R753T

Part Number: INF-SG-ACR-R753T

List Price: $29.99

Acer Chromebook R853TA

Part Number: INF-SG-ACR-R853TA

List Price: $29.99

Acer Chromebook Tab 10

Part Number: INF-SG-ACER-CBT10

List Price: $29.99

Materials: Tempered Glass

Warranty: One Year Limited.

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