Who We Are

Giving your device the solution it needs with the experience to prove it

At InfoCase, we pride ourselves on providing superior innovation and solution-oriented products and services.

Despite our success, we continue to ask ourselves, "What can we do better?". As technology advances, we look to the future with a focus on our core services, device protection, facilitation, and increased end-user productivity via enhanced ergonomics. However, we remain confident that InfoCase will continue to succeed through lasting and productive relationships with our key clients, vendors, and team.

Serving K-12 & Commercial

The InfoCase Difference

Enhanced Protection and Designed for 1:1

Since 1992, InfoCase has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of cases for mobile devices in K-12. Our mission is to reduce the disruptive impact of device damage. So the academic process can evolve.

Our Process

We accomplish our mission by crafting innovative, solution-oriented products that exceed the expectations of our clients. Our experience in hundreds of schools has taught us that we must listen to what schools need, and evolve our products and relationships to best serve K-12.

Customization Capabilities

Our designs are not only engineered to fit a device, but can also be catered to our customers' needs. We understand what pride means to a school district, and we have helped display this pride by embroidering or printing logos to our cases per request. We have also customized our cases to meet our customer's needs when it comes to asset tagging and stylus pens.

Optimizing the Mobile Workflow

Investing in mobility and digital transformations.

Beyond the core technologies, it is critical to ensure an efficient workflow. Every enterprise and every workflow has unique nuances relative to how mobile technologies are used, handled, stored and charged. InfoCase solutions help to optimize the mobile experience by providing mobile accessories that best suit end user needs.


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Looking for Our Toughmate Products?

Toughmate accessories are designed and manufactured exclusively for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices

Since 1999, Toughmate from Infocase Inc. has provided Panasonic with Always-On, transportation, wearable, and hygienic accessories. Carefully crafted with safety and security in mind. The perfect user-friendly protective solutions for government, SCM, construction industries, and more!

We Would Enjoy Hearing from You

We love and appreciate your feedback.

As we celebrate with gratitude our 30-year anniversary in 2022, we understand that tenure alone does not equate to good products. So, we continue the habit of listening to what our clients tell us. Our goal is to build on what we have learned and provide real world solutions that make a difference when in our client’s hands. This approach, when combined with our many years of design, innovation, and manufacturing experience, help assure we deliver a time tested, high quality, reliable product. But enough about us. We would enjoy hearing what you think.


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