Dell Latitude Rugged 12 Elastic X Strap

The slim Elastic X Strap for the Dell Latitude Rugged 12 improves productivity and efficiency by reducing hand, wrist and arm fatigue. The low profile design is ideal to use with vehicle cradles and mounts, as well as the optional Dell rugged handle.  Compatible with the Latitude 7230 and 7220.

Additional Features:

  • Low profile design is compatible with vehicle cradle and mounts.
  • Elastic X strap design is comfortable and secure to use.
  • X strap design is suitable for left or right handed in use in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Part Number: FM-TAB12-XSTP

List Price: $49.00

Materials: Nylon, elastic

Warranty: One Year Limited.

Suggested Accessories: SS-MINI

Device Compatibility: Dell Latitude 7220 and 7230 Rugged Tablets

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