Toughmate FZ-G1 Mobile Point of Sale Integration Kit

Integration kit for a mobile point of sale (POS) device for the FZ-G1 and FZ-G2 to provide enhanced mobility and device security.

Ideal for workers in the field, this kit allows for the direct and secure attachment of a mobile point of sale device to the FZ-G1 device using an intuitive clip on the side of the FZ-G1. The point of sale device case is also easily detachable when the device is not in use and allows easy access to all features and ports.

The kit includes an attachment for the FZ-G1 device and case for your Ingenico device.

Verifone e285

Manufacturer Part Number: TBCG1MPOS-E285

Ingenico Link 2500

Manufacturer Part Number: TBCG1MPOS-LINK2500

Ingenico iSMP4

Manufacturer Part Number: TBCG1MPOS-ISMP4

Materials: Polycarbonate/ABS, Stainless Steel Screw(s)

List Price: $99.00

Suggested Accessories: Toughmate User Harness Kit #TBCUSHRN-KIT

Weight (oz): 1.5

Dimensions (WxHxD inch): 6.0 x 4.0 x 1.0

Warranty: One Year Limited.

Device Details: Click Here

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