Toughmate User Harness

This adjustable, four-point harness transforms any Toughmate Harness-Ready case into a hands-free accessory.

Like TOUGHBOOK devices, this ruggedly designed product has been tested and approved to Panasonic's unsurpassed engineering standards.

RoHS Compliant

Harness Ready case and TOUGHBOOK not included.

User Harness Kit (Includes 4 Retention Straps)


EU Part Number: TBD

List Price: $34.99

User Harness Only (Harness Ready Accessory Required)


EU Part Number: PCPE-INFUVA1

List Price: $29.99

Materials: Nylon, Steel

Weight (lbs): 0.40

Dimensions (WxHxD): 7.00" x 5.00" x 5.00"

Warranty: One Year Limited

Compatible with the Following Accessories

TB 20 Enhanced Rotating Hand Strap:

TB 20 Always-On:

TB 33 Tablet Always-On:

TB 33 Always-On:

FZ-G1 Always-On:

FZ-G1 X-Strap:

TB 54 Always-On:

TB 19 X-Strap (Closeout):

C2 Always-On (Closeout):

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