Toughmate FZ-X1 Hand Strap – Closeout

A slim hand strap means attaching a lightweight and economic mobility solution. Enjoy improved ergonomics and productivity with your TOUGHBOOK FZ-X1 secure in hand.

Closeout Price: $9.00

The Toughmate FZ-X1 Handstrap is a lightweight and economic mobility solution for users. The adjustable elastic strap connects via the durable corner brackets. The elastic strap keeps the user's hand comfortable and secure in hand while on the job. The elastic strap is easily removable and replaceable, along with a stylus loop for easy and convenient accessory management. The Toughmate FZ-X1 Handstrap has passed the appropriate tests to qualify for the TOUGHBOOK Certified status.

NA Part Number: TBCX1HDSTP-P

EU Part Number: PCPE-INFE1S1

Materials: Velcro brand elastic loop tape (Velstretch), Hook Velcro, Elastic, Polycarbonate, Steel

List Price: $9.00

Included Accessories: Mini shoulder strap, Belt

Warranty: One Year Limited

Weight (lbs): 0.05 lb

Dimensions (WxHxD inch): 9.5 x 0.625 x 0.2

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