Rugged Case with Adjustable Elastic Hand Strap for Zebra ET40/45 10″

The Rugged Case with an adjustable elastic hand strap for the Zebra ET40/45 10" provides improved productivity and efficiency by reducing hand, wrist and arm fatigue. The low profile design is ideal to use with vehicle cradles and mounts, as well as facilitation for additional accessories for added device facilitation. 

  • 4 corner anchor points facilitate the use of additional accessories..
  • Clear polycarbonate shell provides visibility to asset tags.
  • Closed back for added device protection.
  • Optional bio-secure DuraStrap replacement hand strap available.

Fieldmate Part #: FM-SNP-ET4X10-HSTP

Zebra Part #: TBD

List Price: $59

Materials: polycarbonate and TPU

Warranty: One Year Limited

Weight (g): 139

Dimensions (WxHxD): 263mm x 173mm x 20mm

Device Compatibility: ET40/45 10"

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