Smartphone Forearm Cradle for OtterBox uniVERSE

Our lightweight cradle accessory is custom designed for the OtterBox uniVERSE series of cases, providing increased ergonomics, efficiency, and convenience. It can comfortably accommodate most users. The cradle secures your device to minimize loss or theft, while also reducing accidental damage from excessive device drops. The cradle is also compatible with any uniVERSE smartphone case (including iPhone, Samsung, and Google).

Additional Features:

  • Compatible with any uniVERSE smartphone case.
  • Accommodates most users.
  • Minimize loss and device drops.
  • Secure hands-free device carrying.
  • Easy device installation/deinstallation.

Part Number: FM-RMCRDL-UNI

List Price: $49.99

Materials: Forearm cradle – polycarbonate Forearm straps - nylon, double-sided twill, elastic

Warranty: One Year Limited

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