Toughmate Knee Board Leg Strap

Knee Board Leg Straps for the FZ-B2/M1, FZ-G1 and other Panasonic TOUGHBOOK products equipped with hand or X-Straps.

The Knee Board accessory allows users to strap machines to their legs using the FZ-G1 Always-On (TBCG1AONL-P), FZ-G1 X-Strap (TBCG1XSTP-P) and FZ-B2/M1 Always-On (TBCM1AO-P). Works on both the right and left leg. The leg strap also works with both G1 & B2/M1 OEM rotating hand straps.

Lightweight, durable, easy to use. Leg straps may also work with other Panasonic TOUGHBOOK products equipped with hand or X-Straps, call to confirm specific models and accessories.


EU Part Number: PCPE-INFG1LS

Materials: Elastic, Velcro, Plastic Hardware

List Price: $29.00

Weight (lbs): 1.7 oz. per strap (2 straps in set)

Dimensions (WxHxD): 28.0 " x 2.0 " x 0.5"

Warranty: Lifetime Limited

Compatible with the Following Devices




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