Toughmate FZ-S1 Always-On

This versatile case has a removable screen cover, easel functionality, shoulder strap and a hand strap. Accommodates portrait or landscape scanners.

The Toughmate FZ-S1 Always-On is ideal for users who need to be able to transition from the office to the field, while keeping the FZ-S1 protected and mobile. This case provides 24/7 protection and ease-of-use from a nylon shell and shock absorbing case materials.

The removable screen cover provides an additional safeguard for the FZ-S1 screen and doubles as an easel stand to elevate the screen to multiple angles for viewing or typing. The Toughmate FZ-S1 Always-On includes an ergonomic shoulder strap and the adjustable hand strap will increase productivity by allowing you comfortably hold your TOUGHBOOK for extended periods of time.

The Toughmate FZ-S1 Always-On allows easy access to all features, ports and cameras.

NA Part Number: TBD

EU Part Number: PCPE-INFS1AO

Manufacturer Part Number: TBCS1AOCS-P

Materials: Nylon, acetal, vinyl, steel

List Price: $99.00

Weight (lbs): 8 oz

Dimensions (WxHxD inch): 8.25" x 5.75" x 1.25"

Warranty: One Year Limited

Device Details: Click Here

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